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Drummond Scientific has a long history of developing tools designed to ease the workflow of laboratory scientists, as well as enable precise control of very small volumes of liquids. Our very own Pipet-Aid® was invented soon after witnessing scientists pipetting by mouth, and realizing that there must be a better, safer way. To keep this tradition alive, Drummond is always on the watch for enterprising research projects in which our design and engineering support will enable current aims to be achieved more efficiently, and new aims to be imagined. When the objectives align, we are willing to participate at any point in the research spectrum, from grant submission, to the licensing of technologies that are ready for scale-up and commercialization. If you feel that you have a project that would benefit through a collaboration with Drummond Scientific, please reach out and let us know how we can help!

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Chris Strohsahl

Director of New Product and Venture Development​

Dr. Strohsahl is a classically trained biophysicist with expertise in the fields of biotechnology, nanotechnology, organic chemistry and molecular biology; he has spent the better part of the last decade working at the interface of academia and industry. His specific expertise centers on device development and assay design, oligonucleotide modeling, DNA surface chemistry, PCR assay development and several aspects of clinical sample preparation. As a result of his professional pursuits, he has also gained significant experience in small business development and management, including the determination of market needs and freedom to operate.

After receiving his doctorate from the University of Rochester in 2005, Dr. Strohsahl and a group of colleagues founded Lighthouse Biosciences, a start-up focused on commercializing the oligonucleotide-based diagnostic arrays he had developed as a graduate student. From that time working in the company, he developed a wealth of knowledge, experience, and connections, which he now leverages as Drummond Scientific’s Director of New Product and Venture Development. In this position, Strohsahl serves as the company’s primary liaison to academic institutions and private companies, using a number of different engagement mechanisms to match emerging diagnostic technologies with the engineering and manufacturing expertise needed to competitively enter their intended marketplace.

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